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How to decide if your great idea will make a business? with Sandy Lerner

Sandy talked generally on how to identify whether a perceived market opportunity is a "Business" or some other effort, such as "Tantrum," "Social Responsibility," "Cool Idea," "Another leading-edge product in a crowded market (includes anything that starts with "An app to...)," and, "There's a reason nobody has done this already."  Is your idea about leveraging the advantages/disadvantages of a maturemarketplace, or does it involve the advantages/disadvantages of an (hypothesized) emerging market? "What is 'A good idea, but Not a Business'."? 

Also discussed is "How not to lie to yourself," and "The best numbers money can buy," as well as identifying multiple sources of market opportunity validation and "Non-obtrusive indicators."  

Bio: Sandy Lerner is a co-founder of Cisco Systems with then-partner Leonard Bosack. After leaving Cisco, she founded Urban Decay cosmetics, and is an advocate of animal welfare. Her current enterprise is a vertically integrated farming, food processing and retail operation called Ayrshire Farm, which owns Gentle Harvest, a restaurant chain that will be nationally franchised in United States.

Woman on stage at Minc
08:30 to 10:00

MINC, Anckargripsgatan 3, 211 19, Malmö

Watch here: How to decide if your great idea will make a business? by Sandy Lerner

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