Past events

Look at some of our past events below. 

08:30 to 10:00

Frukostseminarium: Från kundtjänst till digital gasell med Linda Bjernstål

Welcome to Minc for this seminar: Frukostseminarium: Från kundtjänst till digital gasell med Linda Bjernstål Linda kommer att tala om hur hon gick från 0 till 1,8 miljarder i omsättning på ungefär 10 år, men också vad hennes recept varit för att lyckas i ett av de mest konkurrensutsatta segmenten i reseindustrin. Ibland måste långsiktiga strategier ge vika för snabba...
Person on the stairs
14:00 to 16:00

Start your own game company?

Meet Martin from Grapefrukt , Sara from Midnight hub, Henrik from Mediocre and Kajsa from Minc. What made Martin, Sara and Henrik start their own game company? What is their drive and determination? And what does Minc has to offer as an incubator to startups? We invite game programmers and game artists from The Game Assembly together with people at...
Hampus Jakobsson
12:00 to 13:00

Startup Sales by Hampus Jakobsson

Hampus Jakobsson is a serial entrepreneur and one of the most prominent angel investors in Sweden. Hampus co-founded interactive mobile interface company, The Astonishing Tribe, which was sold to Blackberry for over $150 million. Today, Hampus is the CEO of , a sales productivity software provider that helps sales teams close more deals by spending time on the right...
09:00 to 18:00

Genuino Day 2016 Malmö

Let’s power the LEDs candles on the Genuino cake on April the 2nd! Join us for the 2016 Genuino Day celebration at MINC . The entrance is free of charge . Come from 13:00 to 17:30 to Anckargripsgatan 3, first floor, (in front of Orkanen) Malmö. Open call for participants: If you have a nice project or idea that you...
People at Minc
12:00 to 13:00

Minc/Sessions #4: Building a Team

Welcome to Minc for the 4th edition of Minc/Sessions: During this session, join us to watch a video and learn more on the topic "Building a Team" moderated by Head of Operations at Spyjack, Chloe Nauta, who'll offer comments and take on questions. Bio: Chloe has worked with operations and culture for the past 5 years and is passionate about...
Breakfast seminar Martina Elm Minc
13:00 to 14:00

Challenges and opportunities in the e-vehicle revolution by EON Agile

Meet Karin Waldén, head of E.ONs e-mobility department and is tasked with building Sweden’s larges infrastructure for charging stations at Minc. The transport sector currently accounts for over a third of our country's total carbon dioxide emissions. It is perhaps the single largest challenge to reach the goals set up at COP21. But if we can solve that, experts believe...
Seriously Indie Game City
16:30 to 19:00

Seriously Indie by Game City

Thinking about starting up your own game studio? Seriously Indie is an event for those who want to learn more about what it takes to start up your own game studio. For this fourth round of Seriously Indie, we're going to focus on the practialities of starting a company in Sweden.
Minc startuplabs
14:00 to 15:00

Tools Of The Trade - for early stage startups by EON Agile

Are are you running an early stage startup? Do you want to improve your design and communication skills and make a bigger impact? Emila Blom will share her favorite tools and tricks that help early stage startups - even those with no design skills onboard. Learn how to get your message across to customers and how to impress investors.
People at Minc
18:30 to 21:00

Pink Programing Stories

Celebrate International Women's day with like-minded women in the IT industry. Speakers from different areas within the IT and startup industry of Sweden have been invited to share their own personal stories. Find out who they are, what they are doing and what they like the most about working within the IT business. This is a night of celebration, networking...
Woman on stage at Minc
08:30 to 10:00

How to decide if your great idea will make a business? with Sandy Lerner

Sandy talked generally on how to identify whether a perceived market opportunity is a "Business" or some other effort, such as "Tantrum," "Social Responsibility," "Cool Idea," "Another leading-edge product in a crowded market (includes anything that starts with "An app to...)," and, "There's a reason nobody has done this already." Is your idea about leveraging the advantages/disadvantages of a maturemarketplace,...