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What is failure and success in the Startup business?

Andreas Pålsson is a software engineer with a passion for Startups. He was part of founding a startup called Brisk four years ago. After a lot of work sweat, and also some tears, they are now in the process of terminating the company. Andreas is now doing one of the things he promised himself not to, directly jumping into founding a new company.

Andreas will talk about his experiences from Brisk. How they worked with setting goals and building a team where everyone is aligned and strive towards the same vision. And what does it really mean to fail or succeed in the Startup business. Is the company a success as long as it’s alive and termination is a failure, or is there maybe a more nuanced way to see it?

The Minc House
14:00 to 15:00

Minc, Anckargripsgatan 3, 211 19, Malmö