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The newly established accelerator Fast Track Malmö is an accelerator for the most promising fast-growing Swedish and international high tech companies.

Apart from a convertible note of 25,000 USD the chosen start-ups will receive access to world-class mentors, sponsorship package with services from international companies and help in reaching the global market.

“We believe this is a great way to support new and interesting companies and we of course see it as a possibility to find exciting companies to invest in, says Robert Vass, Investment Manager at Almi Invest, one of the four partners. 

Fact Track Malmö is founded on collaborations and openness between experienced entrepreneurs, business angels and organizations in Malmö. The network provides an open, accessible, highly skilled and strong entrepreneur community. 

Malmö is currently considered as one of the preferred cities in Northern Europe to set-up a company in, this is also attributed to the proximity of the universities in Copenhagen and South Sweden, affordable housing, and active angels investors in a culture with supporting networks.

A difference between Fast Track Malmö and other initiatives is the demand on focus from a complete team and speed; all accepted companies shall within five months be investor ready and will be meeting investors in both one-on-one meetings and on Demo Day.

“Fast Track Malmö will attract international startups to Malmö since it is easy to start and run a company here. We can now offer a great accelerator program with financing and world-class mentors, which will make more people want to build companies here”, says Joel Larsson, Program Manager.

“It is an amazing group of organizations and angel investors that want to be a part of this - it really feels like this region is buzzing”, Hampus Jakobsson, mentor at Fast Track Malmö with a background from TAT and Brisk.

Applications for the first start-ups open on October 1st, five companies will be accepted.

The Fast Track Malmö accelerator is a joint project by Minc, ALMI Invest, Malmö Startups and Invest in Skåne - working to create a better startup ecosystem in the south of Sweden.

Joel Larsson Managing Director Fast Track Malmö

Joel Larsson is Program Manager for the new Malmö initiative Fast Track Malmö

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