First batch of 5 companies to Fast Track Malmö announced

Fast Track Malmö now launches it’s first batch of five awesome startups. Over 250 Applications came in from 43 countries all over the world covering every continent but Antartica.

The top five teams were carefully chosen through an extensive selection process which included members of the Fast Track Malmö team and it’s mentors and partners from Minc & Almi Invest. The successful teams receive a $25,000 convertible note, access to the best mentors in the region, free office space and other perks worth over $100k. The program is held over five months and includes trips to San Francisco and Berlin and culminates in demo day where the teams will pitch their startups to our investor network.

The Teams:

B2B lead generation using AI, the best way to find the right leads for your outbound sales funnel. Our machine learning algorithms mirror your current customers and search the internet 24/7 to find new sales opportunities. It’s like watching a movie on Netflix and it recommends new titles to enjoy. We drastically decrease the amount of time wasted on bad leads and uncover hidden opportunities not available in traditional databases.

Qlubo brings small businesses and consumers together, in one marketplace, enabling powerful marketing and loyalty programs currently only found in much larger enterprises. We focus on businesses where the consumer is physically present “in-store”, e.g. shops, cafes, hairdressers, etc. Consumers are easily able to collect rewards through in-store iPads, their own mobile device, or a membership card; all in a fun and engaging way.

At Bit4M we are building a payment platform for faster, cheaper and safer payments through Blockchain technology. We use Bitcoin´s Blockchain as a bridge for routing payments between different traditional currencies and countries, allowing clients an easy to use interface for international payments which is much faster and cheaper than they are accustomed to (and also allowing Bitcoin transactions for those who prefer, of course).

Learnr is a chat-based learning tool for mathematics built on Artificial Intelligence. Our chatbot @Skylar suggests exercises and shows video tutorials. She adapts to your style of learning, all according to the Swedish curriculum. Ask a question and you will get an answer!

We simplify data collation from all your cloud services. Access/Share all your data using one API so you can focus on insights and analysis.

People at Minc

Fast Track Malmö is a Startup Accelerator that helps amazing teams launch their product, meet great mentors, get investment and enter the international market.

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