Getting to know the startups - Wunderchef

After having worked late nights on a number of different projects, the team behind Wunderchef found themselves facing the same problem every night. Forced to order overpriced takeaway that under delivered, arriving both late and cold, they got tired of constantly getting disappointed.

Today, less than a year later, the solution is up and running. Wunderchef provides home cooked meals made by passionate chefs, delivered right to your door.

- We have built a platform where anyone - you, me, or your neighbour - can cook for our users, says David Rajabi, Head of Marketing at Wunderchef.

Apparently, they were not the only ones who had longed for the service. The idea took off right away and the platform already has more than 2000 registered users alongside 30 chefs, with over 100 more waiting to get approved.

- Our chefs range from professionals using this as a side business, to interested amateurs who just want feedback on their cooking, or people using our platform as a stepping stone to one day open their own restaurant, David explains.

In July last year, the three co-founders and the two first employees quit their daytime jobs to work on the idea full time.

- We are five people with five different backgrounds, five different skillsets - we do everything by ourselves, David says, mentioning one of the reasons behind their success.

It was around the same time they got accepted to the incubator at Minc.

- We needed office space and Minc was the only place we could see ourselves at. There are a lot of creative and innovative people here, and getting to meet them every day is truly important to us. Meetings like that are only possible at places like Minc, says David.

The people at Minc are what the team seem to appreciate the most. When asked what part of Minc has been most helpful to them David quickly replies:

- The knowledge and the network that’s tied to the house. Both with the team at Minc, and with the other startups. There’s always someone who can help out and provide useful feedback.

Like a lot of other people in the house, David has a love-hate relationship with the coffee machine.  

- It s terribly slow and annoying. But having said that, it is also pure genius that it is. You have to talk to other people. Most people that I know in the house, I’ve met at the coffee machine.

The success story of Wunderchef is just getting started. Right now the sight is set on expanding to Lund, and yet another 6-8 cities in Sweden this year. Then the plan is to expand internationally - giving the rest of the world the chance enjoy a homecooked meal without lifting a finger.

The advice David wishes to give other early stage startups is simple - network.
- Minc is an amazing place for startups to meet each other.

Looking for a place to set up your new venture? Minc offers a 12 month incubator program, with a personal business developer, matchmaking, office space in a creative environment, and coffee from a very slow but network creating coffee machine. Read more and apply here.

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