How not to get lost in the crowd(funding)

Welcome to Minc August the 17th 13.00 to learn about how you plan a smart crowdfunding campaign and how do you reach out to your crowd on platforms that are already crowded?

Crowdfunding is the new black in the startup-world and it’s gaining popularity after successful mainstream campaigns on platforms like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Funded by me etc.

How do you plan a smart crowdfunding campaign and how do you reach out to your crowd on platforms that are already crowded?
Join us on these 3 hours to get an insight on how to do it and meet people behind successful campaigns; artists, entrepreneurs and strategics to learn from their experience.

This event is hosted by Minc in collaboration with Malmö startups and is a part of The Conference.

Christian Dittrich – SwimEars
Bianca Cheng – Bloom Blanket
Lycke Von Schantz – Påhoj
Laura Michelle Berman – Melon
Elin Kamlert & Fredrik Gertten – Bikes vs Cars
Carl Silbersky – NAOS QG
The event is moderated by Dan Gärdenfors. 
Dan is a designer and communicator at Nobiz, a studio that help companies craft remarkable products.


This is a side event to The Conferece 2015

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