The Minc team is growing

The Minc family is getting bigger! The latest additions are Linda - PR & Communication intern at Minc, and Janet – Communication and Content intern at Fast Track Malmö. To introduce you to these two we decided to ask them a few questions.

Hi Linda!

Tell us a bit about yourself! What’s your background?
I’m currently finishing my Bachelor’s in Rhetoric, and my internship here at Minc will be the final piece of it. The last three years of my life have mainly revolved around my studies in Communication and Politics, but I have also been doing some work with the social impact accelerator SoPact in Lund.

Working at Minc– what’s going to be your main focus the coming months?
I’m here to beef up the PR and Communications team at Minc which has just grown by 100 %. Yay! My main focus will be social media but I hope that I will also get the chance to get to know the startups in the incubator and act as a coach regarding rhetoric.

Finally, having been with us a few days, what’s your favorite thing about Minc so far?
My favorite thing so far is definitely the Minc team. Settling in and getting to know everyone has been so easy with this kind and warm hearted team. They make you feel welcome and part of the group instantly. Now, I look forward to making my way up the staircase and meeting everyone else. It is going to be a fun spring!  

Hi Janet!

Tell us a bit about yourself! What’s your background?
Moving to Malmö from the United Arab Emirates was a hard decision for me to make. Today, almost 10 years later, I could not imagine a better place to call my home. It has given me experiences and opportunities to develop myself and my creativity. From starting bands to learning how to clip together films, my love for all things media was supported here and has only thrived.

Working at Fast Track Malmö – what’s going to be your main focus the coming months?
Professionally, I will be focusing on how to produce and develop content and communication strategies for Fast Track Malmö in the coming months. Personally however, my focus will be on learning more about my work methods and how to deal with my ‘work life’ in contrast to my ‘personal life’.

Finally, having been with us a few days, what’s your favorite thing about Minc so far?
My favorite thing about Minc so far is the atmosphere. No matter where in the house you are, there is always someone either immersed in their work, chatting over a meal, or simply taking a time-out from the world around them. For me, this trifecta of productivity, sociality, and self-care is an environment I will feel comfortable working in.

Linda Karlsson and Janet Hansson new interns at Minc

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