Why Malmö is a great place to set up your new venture

In the aftermath of Trump talking about “Last night in Sweden” a number of international journalists have travelled to Malmö, determined to learn the truth. One of them, BBC’s Maddy Savage, decided to pop by Minc to hear about the city’s thriving startup culture. The resulting article, All eyes on Malmö, but not because of Trump, highlights the diversity and innovation that we have come to know as the core of startup Malmö.

So what is so great about Malmö?

Malmö has attracted more startup investment capital than any other non-capital city in Scandinavia.   

We host a number of big game companies, such as King, Mediocre, and Massive (who just landed a huge deal with Avatar), and with the new game incubator Minc Game - the sights are set on building the next big game hit right here in Malmö.

Malmö is both the world’s fourth most inventive and international city.

Housing is comparably cheap (4900 SEK for a studio apartment compared to 7700 SEK in Stockholm).

Malmö is also a cheap place to set up your venture. For example, it is 19 % cheaper to run a business in Malmö than it is in Berlin. If you come to Minc, we even offer free office space for people working on a new business idea at our StartupLabs for up to six months.

Malmö is the sixth most bike-friendly city in the world, and almost any place in town is reachable by bike in 20 minutes or less.

To sum it up, there is more to Malmö than first meets the eye.

If you have an idea for a new business and feel like joining in on the startup culture of Malmö, ping our business developer Jonas at jonas@minc.se and he will tell you more about the possibilities in Minc’s incubator.

Photo by: News Øresund, Malmö, Sweden. www.newsoresund.org

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