Minc StartupLabs

StartupLabs is an open, free of charge and easy to access workspace for everybody with a business idea. We offer a quick and flexible solution for those in the process of starting something new; an alternative to working at cafés or from your kitchen table, however we won’t kick you out when your coffee's done!

Instead you’ll hopefully meet people in similar situations, as well as those who have gone ahead with their business idea - they'll gladly share their network, and perhaps some advice as well.

At StartupLabs you have the possibility to stay for 6 months free of charge to test your business idea.

Hopefully after 6 months you'll know if you want to go ahead with your idea - if it’s worth the effort and the risk to be an entrepreneur. Minc's Incubator program might be your next step, and we’ll be happy to talk to you about the application process. Maybe your idea takes off and you consider looking for another office space somewhere in Malmö,  in which case we have lots of suggestions - or maybe you decide it’s time to look for a job! In any case, you'll never know unless you take a leap of faith and try your idea out.

How it works:

The first time you arrive, sign in at Minc's reception before finding yourself a chair and a desk on the ground floor. The wifi is open to all - as is the coffee machine that serves you delicious caffeine fixes. You're free to use StartupLabs for a full six months at no cost and with no strings attached - it sort of sounds too good to be true, but that's just how we roll...

    People working at Minc

    Join us at StartupLabs,
    Monday to Friday 8.30-16.30


    It probably suits you if...

    • You're in the process of starting a new business or project
    • You like to work in an open, creative, sharing and entrepreneurial environment, and if you're in need of a work place, wifi and a coffee machine

     Questions? Holla here ->